Hello guys! I'm hosting a small fanfiction contest if you're intrested sign down below. I'll start off saying this is only if you're willing to stay in the contest please register. Okay so you a choice to write a fanfic based of a show from the 90s. You must have your entry by January 12th! They'll only be 2 winners and I wont promise a prize but I will reconsider it for sure. Here are the rules: 1.You must only be entered on one account!                                                  2. I can't except any enteries published after January 4th.                                                                                          3. Cheating, copying will be disqualified and you will not be allowed to vote. I can't say much but that and you know how a real competition works and you shouldn't do anything unfair or sly to be able to win. Also if you get blocked during this period than I'll have to reconsider you place. Good luck! 

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