The Adventures of Little Audrey is an American preschool TV series that aired on ABC from Septermber 5, 1989 to August 16, 1995

The show is currently airing on "90's Kid: The Channel", as part of the "90's Preschool Block".

Episodes[edit | edit source]

# Talent Audrey Cartoon #1 Joke Noveltoon/Audrey Cartoon #2 Song Air date
001 Blast off Law and Audrey Fishing The Voice of the Turkey Tulips from Amsterdam September 5, 1989
002 Beach Dawg Gawn Dog Fido Beta Kappa How Much is that Doggie in the Window September 7, 1989
003 Mysteries Surf Bored Sea No Place Like Rome Oh Ma, Ma September 15, 1989
004 Race Dizzy Dishes Money The Inquisit Visit Little Audrey Says September 17, 1989
005 Circus The Case of the Cockeyed Canary Big Game Possum Pearl Make them Laugh September 21, 1989
006 Under Water The Seapreme Court Take 1 Shootin' Stars By the Beautiful Sea September 25, 1989
007 Dress up Hold the Lion Please Zoo Pedro and Lorenzo I Wanna be Like You September 26, 1989
008 Gong Ho Cantonese Restaurant Little Audrey Riding Hood High Jump Dante Dreamer Do-Ra-Mi September 28, 1989
009 Orchestra Fishing Tackler Hats La Petite Parade New York, New York, The Bells October 8, 1989
010 Christmas Little Snow-Audrey Boxes Jumping with Toy with Baby Huey Jingle Bells November 8, 1989
011 Little Red Riding Hood Butterfly Audrey Bees The Oily Bird The Ugly Bug Ball November 9, 1989
012 Birds can Fly The Little Girl Who Could Fly Mermaid Land of the Lost Watches Jeepers, Creepers November 11, 1989
013 Cooking Show Tarts and Flowers Run Audrey Off we Glow Oh, Susanna! November 15, 1989
014 in the Snow Audrey's Candy Sack Sweets Candy Cabaret Ain't She Sweet November 18, 1989
015 Night Club Audrey's Night Out Ships Drippy Mississippi M-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i November 23, 1989
016 Hoilday Sam's Dance Party Football Fiesta Time Summer Hoilday November 27, 1989
017 Rainbow I'm Just Curious Spring It's Greek to Audrey Sing a Rainbow December 1, 1989
017 Halloween Spook a Nanny in the Dark Suzie's Hypnosis Spook a Nanny December 5, 1989
018 Painting Dots, Dots, Dots Kite Twin Trouble Camptown Racers December 8, 1989
019 Award Winner Cousin Suzie Show Tina's Little Secret No Business like Show Business December 11, 1989
020 Magic Little Runaway Car Tricks Fastest Skip in the West By The Light of the Silvery Moon December 17, 1989
021 Baby Aurdey's Baby Talk Hospital Tot Watchers Hush Little Baby December 27, 1989
022 Baseball The Mad Doctor Jump Rope Girls Only The Man on the Flying Trapeze January 7, 1990
023 Pirates Audrey and the Pirates Island Caribbean Jim Sailing, Sailing January 9, 1990
024 Toy Shop Be Yourself Audrey's Doll The Heart of Gold Three Little Fishies January 13, 1990

Broadcast History[edit | edit source]

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