---90's Preschool Block---

6:00am Harold and the Purple Crayon

6:30am Gullah Gullah Island

7:00am Eureeka's Castle

7:30am Allegra's Window

8:00am Stanley

8:30am Little Bill

9:00am Caillou

9:30am Mister Roger's Neighborhood

10:00am Sesame Street

11:00am The Puzzle Place

11:30am Dragon Tales

12:00pm Tiny Toon Adventures

12:30pm Animaniacs

1:00pm Pinky and the Brain

1:30pm Bobby's World

2:00pm Doug

2:30pm Rugrats

3:00pm The Ren & Stimpy Show

3:30pm Cow and Chicken

4:00pm Kim Possible

4:30pm Lilo & Stitch: The Series

5:00pm Pepper Ann

5:30pm The Weekenders

6:00pm Rocket Power

6:30pm Rugrats

7:00pm Welcome Freshman

7:30pm Nick Arcade

8:00pm Finders Keepers

8:30pm Clarissa Explains It All

9:00pm SpongeBob SquarePants

9:30pm Ed, Edd n Eddy

10:00pm Dexter's Laboratory

10:30pm Johnny Bravo

---90's Nighttime Block---

11:00pm Lassie

11:30pm The Love Boat

12:00am The Bill Cosby Show

12:30am The Cosby Show

1:00am The Quick Draw McGraw Show

1:30am The Huckleberry Hound Show

2:00am The Yogi Bear Show

2:30am The Flintstones

3:00am The Jetsons

3:30am The Ink and Paint Club

4:00am CatDog

4:30am The Angry Beavers

5:00am Rugrats

5:30am The Wild Thornberrys


---90's Preschool Block---

6:00am Barney & Friends

6:30am Zoboomafoo

7:00am Teletubbies

7:30am Boohbah

8:00am Little Bear

8:30am Little Bill

9:00am Bear in the Big Blue House

9:30am Out of the Box

10:00am The Wiggles

10:30am Noozles

11:00am Adventures of the Little Koala

11:30am Maya the Bee

12:00pm Square One Television

12:30pm Cyberchase

1:00pm Zoom (1972)

1:30pm Zoom (1999)

2:00pm SpongeBob SquarePants

2:30pm Rugrats

3:00pm Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids

3:30pm Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

4:00pm Courage the Cowardly Dog

4:30pm Dexter's Laboratory

5:00pm Doug

5:30pm Recess

6:00pm Even Stevens

6:30pm Lizzie McGuire

7:00pm Pepper Ann

7:30pm Looney Tunes

8:30pm Peanuts

9:00pm The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show

9:30pm Doug

10:00pm Hey Arnold!

10:30pm As Told by Ginger

---90's Nighttime Block---

11:00pm The Bill Cosby Show

11:30pm The Cosby Show

12:00am Cosby

12:30am Sister, Sister

1:00am Ed, Edd n Eddy

1:30am The Powerpuff Girls

2:00am Codename: Kids Next Door

2:30am Kim Possible

3:00am KaBlam!

3:30am Oh Yeah! Cartoons

4:00am Invader Zim

4:30am ChalkZone

5:00am Rugrats

5:30am Hey Arnold!

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