Nickelodeon (formerly Pinwheel) is the first kids' network for kids on the history of networks. Many fans grew up with the Nickelodeon from 1977-2003, and think Nickelodeon gone downhill since September 1, 2003, and also think Nickelodeon got worst in September 28, 2009, when they changed their logo.

Nickelodeon launched on December 1, 1977, as Pinwheel, and relaunched as Nickelodeon on April 1, 1979.

The classic shows of Nickelodeon are now airing on "90's Kid: The Channel.

List of programs that people grew up with:[edit | edit source]

Nicktoons[edit | edit source]

Nick Jr. shows[edit | edit source]

Live-action shows[edit | edit source]

Game shows[edit | edit source]

Nickelodeon Movies[edit | edit source]

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