Nick Jr. is a preschool programming block on Nickelodeon that has been on since January 4, 1988, and currently airing but under Nickelodeon's brand, instead of Nick Jr.'s brand.

Lots of fans grew up watching Nick Jr. until August 29, 2003. Starting on September 1, 2003, when the fans saw the new look for Face, the fans think the block's going downhill, and think it got worse on October 11, 2004, when Face was replaced by Piper O'Possum, and think it got more worse on September 11, 2007, when Nick Jr. had a new look, and think it got even worse on February 6, 2009, when the Nick Jr. shows aired under Nick's brand, and also think it got really worse on September 28, 2009, when the sister channel Noggin was renamed Nick Jr.

The block's competitive with PBS Kids and Playhouse Disney.

All of the shows from the block are currently airing on "90's Kid: The Channel", as part of "90's Preschool Block".

Programming[edit | edit source]

Nick Jr. shows[edit | edit source]

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