Ned's Newt is a Canadian/German TV series that aired on Fox Kids in the US from 1997 to 1999, created by Andy Knight and Mike Burgees.

The show is currently airing on "90's Kid: The Channel".


Season 1: 1997Edit

  • Out With the Old, in With the Newt
  • What Rock Through Yonder Window Breaks
  • Nightmare on Friendly Street
  • A Snitch in Time
  • Voyage to the Bottom of the Dump
  • Happy Blood Altar Ring to You
  • Mars Dilemma
  • Saturday Night Fervor
  • Citizen Ned
  • The Most Grating Show on Earth
  • Jurassic Joyride
  • Take a Hike
  • New Improved Zippo
  • What Big Rewrite Notes You Have
  • Home Alone With Frank
  • The Lucky Penny
  • Help Me, I'm Bald
  • Planes, Trains, and Newtmobiles
  • Broken Record
  • Newton's Day Out
  • Can't See the Forest for the Treefort
  • Saving Lummox
  • Newton Falls in Love
  • Show Me the Money
  • One Flu Over the Cuckoo's Nest
  • Mall Gold Things Come to an End

Season 2: 1998-1999Edit

  • Live and Let Dad
  • Ned's Army
  • Climb Every Newton
  • Go Nest, Young Man
  • Weekend at Bernice
  • New Year's Ned
  • Lights, Camera, Newton!
  • When in Drought
  • Draw Your Own Concussion
  • 'Tis Follicle to Be Wise
  • Back to the Futile
  • Motley Cruise
  • Take Your Picnic
  • Crop! In the Name of Love
  • Adobe to Ruin
  • Educating Reeger
  • Norman's Newt
  • The Show Must Go Off
  • If the Shoe Gives You Fits
  • Ned and Edna, and Ed 'n Aden
  • Fantastic Neddage
  • A Mother Day, a Mother Dollar
  • Newt York, Newt York
  • Frankenvine
  • Nedapalooza

Season 3: 1999Edit

  • Diary of a Nedman
  • Last Fraction Hero
  • Carnival Knowledge
  • Go Fetch
  • Xylophone Camp
  • The Friendly Triangle
  • Never-Never Ned
  • To Have and Have Newt
  • Summer Rental
  • The Man Who Would Be Flemking
  • Cryanewt de Bergerac
  • The Boy Who Newt Too Much
  • Nedding Bells Are Ringing
  • Newt's Ned
  • Rear Bus Window
  • Et tu, Newte?
  • Love is a Many-Salamandered Thing
  • Trouble Indemnity
  • 312 Angry Women
  • Toys Will Be Toys
  • Summer Gone, Summer Not
  • Sealed With a Newt
  • The Tooth is Out There
  • Remote Possibility
  • Regattadamerang
  • All's Well That Hens Well

Broadcast HistoryEdit

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